Tuesday, December 16, 2014

RENEWABLE ENERGY: The need to tackle the … – El Mujahid

 Everyone agrees on the need to switch to the widespread use of renewable energy by 2030. While a program supported by prospective studies worldwide. The Algeria, for its part, has developed a serious program to reach 40% utilization of its “new” energy on the next 20 years.

 This is the program for renewable energy and energy efficiency, which states that “by 2030, about 40% of electricity production for domestic consumption will be from renewable sources.” Cap must support experts. Thanks to recent technologies, solar power currently stands at the head of clean and renewable energy able to take over from fossil fuels, far ahead of wind and hydro. The last five years have seen the giant leap made by research laboratories for photovoltaic technology. Indeed, the new solar panels come from a record never equaled 46% of sunlight into electricity conversion. This new technology does not use silicon but downright other next-generation semiconductors.
 The very high efficiency of these new sensors consist of several layers, place the head to be used on a large scale, for example for large power plants located in areas at high and direct radiation as the Sahara. Their rate of return of over 40% energy conversion is twice that p rovide conventional silicon cells that do not exceed 25%.
 Algeria has technological expertise and especially geo-climatic conditions that are very favorable for the development of solar energy. The 2015-2019 five-year plan not less than 155 billion dinars for scientific research and technological development …
 Recent studies have quantified the enormous reservoir of solar energy in Algeria: 3000 hours / year of sunshine and irradiation average of 5.7 kWh / m² / day, enough to “produce 2,600 kilowatts per square meter per year or 60 times the power consumption of Europe!
 Currently the natural gas requirements of the national market are substantial and would reach 45 billion m3 in 2020 and 55 billion m3 in 2030, not counting the volumes dedicated to export. These figures encourage Algeria to accelerate the development of solar energy.
 Wind energy is a nice size hand in these prospective studies, but are, despite their importance , only a small part of major projects outlined by the country. Other considerations such storage and transportation of energy are taken into consideration and come support and complement the studies already done or in progress. The need, again, to get on with this new way of energy production must uncouple and achieve its objectives in the very near future. The few private and state companies that produce or are capable of producing solar panels must be supported and monitored. The capabilities are indeed present, remains the will and the “hard” to stick to the latest technological advances. We have ample scope …
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