Monday, December 8, 2014

New technologies: The thermostat takes control of your … – La Voix du Nord

Nest Netatmo and aim to provide comfort, but above all to generate substantial savings. Both manufacturers believe that they will be at least 14% on the bill of gas or fuel oil, Nest boasts up to 31% savings and Netatmo up to 54%!

1 Netatmo is the second product developed by weather station after his smartphone. Both products can communicate. If not, the thermostat is connected to the Internet, it will fetch the weather forecasts to adjust the heating periods. During installation, the user must answer questions (on his PC, the tablet or smartphone) that establish a heating program. As the days, the program will be refined to best stick to the habits of the family. Being a weekend or holiday, we can ensure that the heater is in frost or in standby, the boiler then being remote controlled. We can turn on the heating when approaching home!

2 Nest thermostat was created by the father of the iPod. Essentially, its characteristics are close to that of Netatmo. The difference is that the brand also offers a smoke alarm and CO. As these devices are equipped with motion sensors, such as thermostat, the system can automatically switch the boiler on standby in case of absence of the occupants. Another small addition, but only in the US for now: when German sedans users say “home” on their GPS, a signal is sent to the boiler thermostat to start at the right time

Netatmo, from 179 €.

Nest thermostat € 209, smoke alarm and CO € 109.


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