Sunday, December 21, 2014

St-Hilaire-de-Brethmas: openness to new technologies … – Midi Libre

L es Jardins de Saint-Hilaire remain attentive to innovation.

The nursing home care team Les Jardins de Saint-Hilaire, driven physician coordinator, Jacques Giordano, has been interested for several months to innovative technologies that improve the care of residents.
Specifically, it is hosted allow the person to get a consultation with a physician, both immediately and without leave his room.
There are number of devices that give the possibility of remote consultations, including some experimentation.
They are grouped under the term telemedicine. Thus
residents Jardins de Saint-Hilaire can recently benefit from a remote dermatological consultation when it is useful, without suffering the discomfort of traveling.
When this regard, as is often , physically addicted or in palliative care, avoiding a displacement proceeds more comfort but a real necessity.
The nurse comes in contact with the specialist doctor with a multimedia tablet with the with which it will share pertinent information with the d iagnosis and the establishment of a treatment adapted
: data on health status, photo images of the wound to be treated, etc.
Jardins de Saint-Hilaire wish to invest in the coming months in telemedicine which is a real progress in terms of support of the dependent elderly.


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