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The patterns and new technologies – Finyear

mails, phone calls , internal meetings: according to the bosses, 1/4 are unproductive.

The major findings of the survey:

– 37% of employers cite a disadvantage to new technologies, primarily the extension of the work week

– For 73% of bosses, new technologies have at least one advantage in the organization of work:

. Good communication skills (40%)

. The time savings (38%)

– Entrepreneurs spend 5:30 every day to manage their various exchanges:

. 1:55 for emails

. 1:51 the phone

. 1:44 in internal meetings

– 1/4 of these exchanges are considered unproductive

– 62% of employers believe that pollutants mails are becoming more

New Technologies: the benefits of course, but it is far plebiscite …

If they are, at first glance, perceived as advantageous, new technologies are still for more than a third of bosses sources of disadvantage (s). They are thus 37% to mention at least one:

– First mentioned, the extension of the week (15% of respondents)

– Then, the complication of trade mainly due to the multiplicity of media (14%)

– time loss – too many processes and tools to manage (13%)

– Being asked seven days out of 7 (12%)

Importantly, the multiplicity of tools (phone, tablet, laptop), with consequent complication of trade, is a real problem for the bosses of the trade sector: they are 25% to point the as a disadvantage (against 14% for all bosses).

On the benefit side, easy to communicate with customers or colleagues (40% of respondents), the time savings (38%) and permanent access to his agenda and his mailbox (26 %) logically come first. 15% then mention mobility and 12% done can have a permanent control over their business.

Finally, note that more than a patron of 5 interviewed found no change in its organization of work following the arrival of new technologies …

5:30: This is the time spent by employers in the management of their trade

1:55 time patterns is devoted each day to manage their mail, knowing that for them mails almost 3 in 10 are considered pollutants. A growing trend for 62% of business leaders surveyed …

The time spent each day on the phone is almost the same, 1:51, and the same conclusion: almost 3 calls in 10 are considered harmful.

Side meetings (excluding appointments and external clients), it is also close to 2 hours (1:44), which are occupied in the agenda of the bosses. And according to them, 1 meeting of 5 would be totally useless and ineffective, and so did their wasting their time …

results into perspective across industry sectors and it is interesting to note that industry bosses spend more time in meetings (2:09), and less on the phone (1:35), while This is logically the opposite for the bosses of the world trade (1:28 and 2:13 meeting by phone).

In total, they have 1/4 of trade during a day are considered by employers as unproductive!

A finding which unfortunately tends to increase: the owners are and 21% find that there are more and more ineffective meetings, 35% receiving more and more calls to them waste time, not to mention the 62% who receive more emails pollutants ….


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Respondents were interviewed via CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview) over a period from 11 to 25 July 2014.


Querying a sample of 301 business leaders, representing 100 to 499 employees of companies.

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