Monday, November 17, 2014

A week to understand the new technologies … – La Voix du Nord

Cambrai. Entitled “Connecting St. Roch,” this forum is new technology proposed by the actors of the social center of Saint-Roch, the young adult sector to sector.

We realized that there is a request. As in younger adults, there are a lot of behaviors that challenge as people who are fighting tear on social networks, people addicted to mobile phone … We want to create the exchange ” says Richard Mayor, youth mediator, one of the organizers.

To do this, the community center has prepared a program for all tastes and all ages. “ On Tuesday, we’ll talk about video game time for parents and children. This will allow parents to see what their child is playing, the risks of some games … On Wednesday, we also talk about new technologies through games , “said Mayor Richard.

And that’s not all! The community center will address the device that many people have in their pocket, bag … their cell phones, but also tablets … “ We will explain the new features, the differences between the models, but we will also warn about the risks and dangers, like Friday with social networks . “

The week will conclude Saturday with a taste,” a good time to discuss and exchange on all topics of the week , “said Mayor Ricard.


This is a program that offers social center. “ All of this is free. the base we have organized for members of the center and neighborhood, but everyone can come , “said Willy Lenglet, head of the structure. This initiative will surely reflect on attitudes to digital innovations that accompany our daily

The St. Roch social center organizes the November 18 to 22 one week on new technologies “Connecting St. Roch.” Program: Tuesday from 17-19 am on video games; Wednesday from 16-18 pm on games; Thursday from 17-19 am on tablets and smartphones; Friday from 17-19 pm on social networks and Saturday from 15-17 am for a friendly lunch. Free rate. Social Centre Saint-Roch, 55 avenue Saint-Roch in Cambrai. Phone: 03 27 81 44 78


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