Monday, November 10, 2014

The technology sector is obsessed with body and … –

connected bracelets that come your heart rate and the number of steps made in the day; sensors that trace your sleep or stress; ranges that examine your bite … For The Daily Dot, all objects currently produced by new technologies demonstrate the same thing: the sector is obsessed with death

Of course, Google. US specialty site, or Apple (which just released its e-health kit) or Fitbit (the name of a strap connected) only promote their products in these terms “because it would be inaccurate and stupid “. “But that’s what we try to do well here, The Dailydot adds: try to delay the inevitable, trying to” hack “death.”

Hard to know why such an obsession as the polarizing field, or to be absolutely certain that the phenomenon is new -in the extent that new technologies, by definition, trying to control, through know-how and of new tools, which has hitherto never been checked.

But there is indeed now a movement to follow live variations of his body (the “Quantified-self ‘) which is based on different mobile applications, more serious (eg in the medical field) and lighter (like this application to record his antics).

A movement beyond even our propensity to scrutinize our body, is likely to have a broad impact on our societies. There a few weeks ago we explained how the insurance companies in the United States had to rely on these well connected to monitor the health of their client objects. Similarly, Jean-Laurent Cassely was done over the theory of Tyler Cowen, in the book Average is over , as we will soon see a general notation of our behaviors “of user, customer, consumer and human being. ”

And if it is true, as stated by The Dailydot, the majority of manufacturers connected bracelets do not like death-defying show, there is nevertheless a business, not least, who does not hide his desire for immortality: Google. There are some days, the colossus announced will join the fight against cancer. It was not so long ago, he announced the creation of a society to reverse the effects of age and aging. And also remember that Google has in its ranks one of the most faithful representatives of the transhumanist movement (that humanity will increase thanks to new technologies and thus will obtain a new phase): Ray Kurzweil, known for its daily consumption of hundreds of pills.

Farther than the permanent and immediate control of the body, Google broke the same taboo of death.


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