Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Property and new technologies: a couple in the making – Capital.fr

Henry Buzy-Cazaux, president of the Institute of Management Real Estate Services, talks about the slow uptake of new technologies by real estate professionals. Tribune.

The show RENT (real estate and new technologies) just ended in Paris. This was the second edition of this event. Its founders had believed useful from last year to associate myself with the editorial board. I have to honestly say that if I found relevant to associate real estate and new technologies, I doubt that an event dedicated to the reconciliation rencontrât success … Since last year, the real me wrong, and this year the party without fear, I was pleased as were all those who were involved in organizing this event. Twice as many visitors, exhibitors pleased qualified contacts, and addictive discussion.

I think need to return to these debates. They had intended to bring together stakeholders in the private housing new, old, residential and commercial, and specialists dedicated to all-round digital solutions. Mixed feelings after two days of attention to the exchanges that took place: the dialogue is tied, and a gap still separates the two worlds. Moreover, things are changing: last year I found the deepest and most agreed ditch dialogue

The gap first It is undeniable and understandable… Those who have succeeded and still succeed without resorting to or using ICT to present the goods, distributing, organizing agencies, bubbles sales, management firms, to manager, to form, have reason to believe that they found the right equation. When it comes to brands or companies strong and respected networks, the conviction is even greater. Innovation is a risk, particularly financial, facing the certainty of success of

Those who have faith in traditional practices and tools have another reason to keep their size to the spotlight.: the specificity of the real estate. The underlying is a complex tangible object. Yes, for example, a virtual tour, but you can not imagine it can be a substitute for a real visit. Yes to an extranet site sponsor or trustee or asset manager, but nothing can replace the appointment to analyze problems, necessarily sensitive and the solution is not modeled at all points. Moreover, in addition to the eyes of the proponents of physical another certainty: the diversity of clients, users, buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, owners, whatever is such that normative tools are fast enough. . Which act

Let’s also clear that all real estate is not totally out of the darkness: should show everything, reveal all? Do not we run the risk of protest, opposition, recovery? Does not even give it means competition to plunder your wallet? Of course, everyone in defending, but each is inhabited by these fears, and they are not illegitimate in the first approach. I do not disagree. So, I am an active lobbyist for real estate, and I still crosses lobbyists who hide their customers their contacts and the arguments they are making … And if the customer were to happen to them I need regular. The dilemma comes out every year pan philosophy: “All truth is it good to say?” ICT plunge us into transparency at all levels, and we are worried about spontaneously big day.

The gap, finally, is cultural and generational. Cultural, and both sides bear responsibility for the distance: the proponents of new technologies and their jargon willingly put themselves do not always accessible to those they want to make their products and their services to the end customer, and are not traditional always the effort to learn the language. Some real estate generally have a long career, the other raised in the communication or anywhere, rarely in real estate. Remoteness of patent generation also: each dress cool, others in suits and ties … they sometimes concede the open collar, but we feel that the tie is in the pocket or in the car parked nearby. Some are also conventional that others do not. In fact, all are serious and rigorous, but these virtues do not take the same form. In the same speech, you feel the difference: the natural familiarity with some, voussoiement other and something like a maintenance here we do not have here. And we do not hide: some have half the age of other

Finally, money Artisans – because they are always early.. craftsmen who had an original idea and gave her body on their computer in a dark office – NICT real estate often have success as fast as the wave propagation, and elders, including myself, are inclined to envy them a little success. Any digital innovation company sells ten, twenty or a hundred times more expensive than a good property management firm, and is more valued than the most powerful master franchisor. It’s annoying. It’s annoying but it’s like that.

Let us dialogue. Yes, he snaps and barriers fall. It surprises the old – they do not want me to appoint as a convenience, and because they were there before the others – to listen to modern, of course after saying that their model to them were sufficient attention to ICTs and their mix is ​​the only possible. Modern surprises we recognize that such a solution does not sit well in the decision making process of the customer and must be refined, or that it is expensive and inadequate means of a real estate agency or developer. We also see hybrid beings, who clearly double cropping and dual citizenship, community managers hired by groups or historic franchises, or bosses networks estate agents.

In short, as would Bossuet said – yes, already … – “We live in a time where all things are confused,” and that’s good. The end of arrogance and cleavage, and the beginning of the porosity and openness. I find this phenomenon as exciting as the communication species theorized by Plato in the Republic. I can attest also that the responsibility of real estate professionals will be a citizen of the Republic, and it will change practices without any qualms. It has already started and will not stop that enrich the value of property due to new technologies.

Henry Buzy-Cazaux


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