Wednesday, November 19, 2014

New technologies are forcing companies to change their … – Le Vif

The theme of the breakdown in corporate management is at the heart of “Disruptive Innovation Day” held in Brussels on Tuesday by the platform speakers, entrepreneurs Connected Visions. “Today, most people have a home connected with TV, internet, and a little automation can speak live to a family member at the other end of the world. But each morning, they are still train and subway to get to the office, “in a nutshell Eddie Obeng, British author, director of the Virtual Business School (VBS), and expert training.

According to the speaker at the facetious style, the connected world we live in today requires a new vision of relations, which goes beyond the traditional view of the decision of the manager and executed by only one worker. “The era of ‘I am the boss, so I reason is gone,’” he says. The new business model must be built in his eyes together. According to him, breaking to lead is primarily mental.

Before him, Dutch resident in Belgium Peter Hinssen, group president of technology consulting Across Technology, wanted to demonstrate that the technology was already a break market reality. According to him, the solution to emerge is primarily creativity and boldness. “Take the example of the founder of the electric car manufacturer Tesla, the South African Elon Musk. After this success he expressed a desire to launch a space society. As a result of European and Russian refusal to help him in his business He decided to start one Spacex. Today, the company has 4,500 employees and weighs a billion dollars in revenue. And his ambition is to go to Mars. ” Mr. Hinssen, this dream is not impossible. “Before him, Bill Gates Microsoft succeeded with its bid to install a computer on every desk and in every home, as announced in the ’70s.”

With social networks and Internet companies, the current request a new rupture risk taking, said the speaker. This is to network and to regenerate. “The business now operates under a triangle composed of economic, societal and technological aspects. The brakes this innovation include bureaucracy, overly strict rules or the NIMBY phenomenon,” said he detailed.

The speakers Simon Mainwaring, author ‘social marketing’ and Steven Van Belleghem, marketing expert and customer-requested at the Vlerick Business School professor relationships should speak in late afternoon.

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