Thursday, November 6, 2014

Seniors eager new technologies – Le Parisien

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The majority of the more than 60 years of requesting terminals connected, despite more or less excitement towards new technologies, according to a study published by Doro, a specialist high-tech devices to the elderly.

The study identifies six profiles actually older consumers, technological committed enthusiastic resistant, slower to adapt.
<- hard & eacute; e: 0.042237997055054 sec -> The more the person is represented with a basic experience, but eager for information, which corresponds to 23% of respondents to the European level. Generally, these are primarily asylum safety (technical assistance), connectivity (close to his family) and simplicity.

In France, this profile (32%) ahead of two personality types also committed, that a little embarrassed by his age (24%) and another more enthusiastic (18%). Only 11% of respondents in France admit uncertain and slow adaptation (14% at EU level).

This study was conducted in four European markets (Germany, France, UK and Sweden), with 1,600 people over 60 years (400 per contract) who want to buy a phone within 12 months.


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