Saturday, November 8, 2014

Do not miss the turn of the new technologies –


Jean-Alain and Helene Borlot Mariotti (Director development and networks) presented the issues of the day

                             Jean-Alain and Helene Borlot Mariotti (Director development and networks) presented the issues of the day “Store of the Future” / Photo MC


The ICC organizes the day “Store of the Future”. Traders, entrepreneurs and consumers will discover new technologies that will be brought in to develop the businesses.

Like it or not, new technologies arrive every day a little more in our lives. The digital advance and, more important now routine, is to get in the right car and especially not to stay in port. And this is also the case for businesses. According to figures from the FEVAD (Federation of e-commerce and distance selling), 59% of French people buy products online. “There is an expectation from consumers who want to use the digital system. The physical trade should not oppose online sales, we must succeed in combining all this, “says Jean-Alain Mariotti, President of ICC. Move with the times, so to avoid being marginalized.

On 17 November, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcomes the day “Store of the Future”. A half-day conferences and meetings during which traders and consumers discover the technologies that can support the service and in-store sales. And the possibilities are endless, from simple Internet presence to support the purchasing of virtual reality or augmented reality that allows you to view an object. The highlight of these developments point the cabin allowing virtual try to “see” wear a garment that would, for instance longer available in stores.

What traders can rest assured that nothing will replace physical presence, the feel of the product, exchange with the seller. “It is not to kill but to bring the structure more customers to boost business,” says Jean-Alain Mariotti. “New technologies are a very large universe, do not take everything, but find out what existing solutions that could become an important complement to trade.” Symbol of this evolution, the president of the ICC told a cluster project (a similar group activities, note) digital. “We do not have to be a department behind.”


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