Tuesday, November 4, 2014

How can new technologies help to fight against Ebola – Youphil

The use of the application “eHealth” Nigeria has quickly detect Ebola cases.

Nearly 4951 people died of the virus Ebola, according to the latest report of the World Health Organization (WHO). In West Africa, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia are the three most affected countries. Also affected by the virus, Nigeria has officially announced the end of the epidemic in the country, on 20 October, three months after the initial detection. A victory against the disease that was possible, among other things, through the use of new technologies.

Le Monde refers to the particular smartphone application “eHealth”, developed by the American Society eHealth and information systems. It allows to identify cases and transmitting the collected data to the Ministry of Health. Widely used, it has reduced by 75% the time between onset of symptoms and alerting medical teams. Phones and tablets pre-equipped with the application were distributed to famous contact tracers , personnel responsible for detecting potentially infected people and people with whom they have contact.

Other similar initiatives have also emerged, says Le Monde . Recently, for example, the American company IBM has developed the application “Ebola Tracker” which allows precisely locate an Ebola case based on data provided by the health authorities. Unfortunately, it costs about $ 3 and, indeed, everyone can not use it.

Similar protocols should be in place in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, but success is not guaranteed, however. To get rid of the virus, Nigeria has relied on its functioning health system (Nigeria is Africa’s leading economic power), and the fact that it is one of the world’s most “connected” to the continent . African

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