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In recent months, an interdisciplinary team tries to reconstruct a huge puzzle: 1200 pieces of marble are an ancient text that would give a new proof of the important role of Autun in the Gallo-Roman period.

  • By Muriel Bessard
  • Posted on 31/10/2014 | 10:54

A 1200 marble fragments during scanning

The work is conducted at Archaeological Center Autun on pieces of marble found in 1839 in the basement of a Autun , fragments of a text on which the names of Roman emperors of the first century after Christ. Given the complexity of the puzzle that make up these fragments 1200, research had been set aside. New technologies should allow today to see more clearly.

These fragments are made of the same marble as the Parthenon on the Acropolis

engineers have integrated the team archaeologists and historians. Members of the computer lab and image the IUT Le Creusot who first had to create a tool to scan 3D fragments . The second step is to then design a tool to assemble the pieces. A long breath as if scanning should take “only” a few weeks, the reconstitution of the puzzle should be much longer.
The fragments consist of a Greek marble also used in the construction of the Parthenon in Athens. They are outstanding for rare documents outside of the Roman area. They could be imperious decrees that give further evidence of the importance of the city of Augustodunum, one of the capitals of Roman Gaul

The story of Michel Gillot, Cecile Guillot with quoins and Gabrielle.

  • Antony Holstein, professor of ancient history at the University Paris 1
  • Olivier Laligant Laboratory of Electronics and Computer Image IUT Le Creusot

The new technologies for archaeologists to Autun


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