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Building on the success of last year, the organizers of these meetings on the video game recurred XL format. Bigger, stands thus a richer program. Longer, “another 24 hours” with this year devoted to school on Friday, 17 primary school classes have come to learn over 10 workshops. This suggests more visitors. And this is the case again this year educational meetings on video games were a resounding success with around 4,000 visitors including 2,000 on Saturday alone.

Three entertaining and informative day, the first goal was to have a good time with family or friends, to meet people around the game. It was also to demystify the practice, especially to parents. Tell the video game and its rules to better understand and thus to frame more easily.
For this game stands divided on the site according to the PEGI classification, in which parents can watch their children play or even play with them. Many debate conferences were held on all three days with the participation of Vanessa Lalo or Yann Leroux, both psychologists specializing in video games, Mamytwink an entertainment website, Emmanuel Mayoud, digital mediator and Kayane famous professional player video games and television presenter on Game One.
All in a friendly atmosphere or in the words of Stéphane Luquet, organizer or purpose of the visitors is all about spending time together.

– What can tell you this second edition
– Already we are happy because we are bigger than last year. It was bigger. The program is richer. We were lucky to have Mamytwink, Kayane, Vanesssa Lalo, Yann Leroux … we are happy. We managed to achieve our goal. It was twofold: to offer a fun time; provide food for thought to parents about playing video game on new technologies.

– The parents came
– Yes, the parents came. We had the world at conferences. Since the stands meet the standards of the PEGI classification, there were a lot of questions and exchanges between leaders and parents. For us it is a great success.

– An extra day this year
– Yes, one more day for a school Friday for classes of CM and colleges. The target was the primary CM and colleges. The school for our prevention message, it’s a little late. It is aimed at primary and colleges. To talk about PEGI, the practice of video game, but it was also the cyber prevention. Speaking of social networks, harassment on the Internet.
The school had a special course with small workshops, mini conferences and the discovery of new digital tools (3D printer, robotics …).

– What are the fears of parents
-. What often returns are the questions about playing time At what point we can say that use of gaming becomes a problem. Unfortunately we have no answers. That’s why Vanessa Lalo and Yann Leroux were there. It depends on the child and often an isolated problem in the video game reveals another problem. You have to worry when there other signs such as decreased socialization, decreased school performance …
What you trying to do to us is to make parents aware of al PEGI classification and tell them to respect it to the letter. A 12 year old should not play a game for a teenager 16 years. Often parents do not realize. The idea here is to show them what he has to in some games (crime, violence …)

– What is the age to play a game where there is violence
– Yann Leroux explained in a lecture that the child can build playing games like GTA, but it must have the right keys and be accompanied. It must be mature enough, have enough second degree, kicking back. If the child does not have the benefit of hindsight, it is better that he can share with a parent who has the keys and say “attention here is the second level, there is the irony … “. They must be given the keys and at home only parents can.

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The classification PEGI
The classification system PEGI Age (Pan-European Game Information, European information system on games) allows Parents from all over Europe to make informed decisions when buying video games. The PEGI symbols appear on the front and back of the package and indicate one of the following age groups: 3, 7, 12, 16 and 18. They give a reliable indication of the suitability of the game content in terms protection of minors. Age classification ignores the difficulty level or skills required to play a game.

The game GTA
Grand Theft Auto , often abbreviated GTA is a series of video games. The series is often controversial because of its adult content and violent themes. It also focuses on various protagonists, often criminal, the objectives differ depending on the game.


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