Sunday, March 8, 2015

Professional sports changing with new … – Metro Montreal

New angles thanks to drones, technologies that give you the impression of being at the forefront on the pitch or influence of social networks on contracts stars: professional sport seasoned new technologies is growing mutation.

Imagine sitting in the front row, just behind the flowerbed on the central court at Roland Garros on the day of the final, or foot of the ring in Las Vegas for a fight heavyweight boxing … while quietly of your couch.

In a few years sports fans on television will be able to live major sporting events in a way entirely new is equipped with virtual reality helmets that will offer them a unique feel.

“People can live on their couch a basketball game as if they were sitting at the foot of the basket. It’s amazing, “says David Blitzer, co-owner of the NBA team the Philadelphia 76ers.

This is only a futuristic vision of the examples presented in Sport Business Summit which held this week in New York, on how new technologies are transforming the high-level sport.

For now, virtual reality helmets technology is still “in its infancy” warns Jens Christensen, head of VR Jaunt specializing in these devices that flood the sight and sound and practically possible to avoid the immediate environment.

But when the helmets are developed, they will the potential to completely revolutionize the way sport is experienced by the audience.

“It will be almost a full medium,” predicts Mr. Christensen.

The co-owner the basketball team of the Boston Celtics, Wyc Grousbeck, is a little circumspect about this perspective.

The sport, the crowd rises as one man when a beautiful basket is scored, the emotion of the stadium are easily transferable only through screens, he judge.

A match, “is an event that transcends the mere smartphone,” said Mr. Grousbeck.

“Sport eclipse everything”
But for Eric Shanks, Fox Sports Media Group boss, a market heavy weight, “seen as the new prism media, sports eclipse everything. “

In his cartoons, his group project to film a using drones cyclocross racing to offer a new angle to the audience sitting in front of their TV.

For athletes as the cards are reshuffled completely.

Some companies offer teams to dig into millions of posts on social networks to see if a particular athlete deserves a bigger contract terms of its attractiveness to the canvas.

General Sentiment, a data analysis company based in New York, proposes her to profile supporters of a particular athlete from social networks to help advertisers better target the groups they want to reach.

If, for example, a majority of Twitter “followers” of a team or a player seem prefer a car brand to another brand in question could be approached for future sponsorship deal, according to Asher Feldman, director of the firm Strategic Analytics.

But with the proliferation of media on which sporting events are watched, will quickly raise the question of broadcasting rights.

According to Eric Shanks, 80 million people watch sporting events broadcast by Fox from a mobile device.

What about when the contracts between leagues and TV channels, such as nine unveiled in October between the NBA and TNT and ESPN?

“Who will bid for these rights” in ten or twelve ?, asks David Blitzer Philadelphia 76ers. “The names (presenters) will change. “


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