Tuesday, March 17, 2015

New technologies to fight against the medical deserts – FranceTV info

In the department of Indre, the city of Châtre is figure Medical desert. Here it takes months to get an appointment. Some patients wait sometimes up to two years to get an appointment with a pulmonologist. In a clinic in the city, specializing in the treatment of diabetic conditions such ophthalmology can be diagnosed without the patient physically encounter a specialist.

To treat diseases related to this specialty, c ‘is the diabetologist that supports patients. The reviews are then sent to a specialist who deliver its opinion within 48 hours. A service that Dr. Pascal Chassot Judge effective but limited ophthalmologist: “ I think it improves the large-scale screening but it does not replace the examination of the ophthalmologist ” explains specialist at France 2. The government wants to expand her device. Telemedicine could be expanded to dermatology or cardiology. In eight years, 1000 patients were able to be examined.

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