Thursday, March 12, 2015

New technologies connected during WMC 2015 Part 2 – Point GPhone (Register)

In the first part we saw HTC with its virtual reality helmet built by Valve, the new connected watches Huawei and LG. In this WMC 2015 Part 2 we’ll see the side of contactless mobile payment. We heard a lot about this technology during the WMC, many names have been mentioned as Android Pay, Pay Samsung …

Photo: new technologies connected

While the South Korean Samsung announced at the beginning of March its NFC payment system (wireless) and favoring a partnership with the biggest names in the bank as MasterCcard, Visa … The Mountain View company announced the day after the announcement of Samsung Pay Andoid its own system which is the same continuation of Google Wallet. A tool suite that will be available to developers so they can integrate into their applications. Both manufacturers have therefore declared war on Apple with its Apple Pay formerly the only manufacturer to have integrated this technology for its mobile devices.

WMC 2015 Part 2 has also helped to unveil the technology to allow bikes and cars also be connected in the near future. It was noted, for example, the presence of the Ford Motor Company with a connected bike, the partnership between Samsung and the car manufacturer Seat. China’s Huawei has also announced its Wi-Fi hotspot that can connect to a cigarette lighter in order to provide internet access to all passengers, he also named his hotspot Huawei CARFI. On the other side we also find American mobile operator AT & T, which intends to equip the famous German vehicles Audi 3G and 4G with an embedded SIM system. So we can say that in the near future it would be possible for all everyday objects are connected. Through bicycles, cars or can even be connected to the mobile automatically recharge our smartphones and tablets. However, the show has also led to a bit more before smaller manufacturers. Meanwhile the IFA in Berlin in September 2015, stay tuned for more news on various mobile devices.

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