Tuesday, March 10, 2015

FA Gauthier: unavoidable expenses and new technologies – CBC

         The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Company of Quebec ferries, Jocelyn Fortier considers reasonable expenses related to travel fifty in Italy to oversee the construction of the new ferry connection between Matane and the North Shore, FA Gauthier.

         The CEO believes that the bill amounted to $ 200,000 in two years out of a total project of $ 148 million.

         “This is a must, he says. It must be present on site, either because you want a good ship, but also the contractual status request. The yard needs approval frequent on various aspects when applying for approval, not for three weeks is when we are here on site. »

         Specialists, engineers and experts are responsible for ensuring the smooth progress of the work and compliance costs.


         If construction costs are met, this is not the case of the ship’s delivery times. The ferry is expected to arrive in Quebec around the 20th of April, four months after the due date.

         The CEO of the Society of Quebec ferries is not worried

         “The cable provider went bankrupt, so he had to find another one and order parts. That, it caused some delay, “says Jocelyn Fortier.

         And then there was the provider of propulsion system that was found in the first test, an engine problem. The company took a chance and stopped testing, the time to push further checks.

         “He just opened the engines. He made a full inspection, which took him two to three weeks, “said the CEO.

         “In our mind there is no doubt that this ship will then perform and perform even better than Marcoux in ice. »
          – Jocelyn Fortier, CEO of Quebec Ferry Corporation

         Jocelyn Fortier, the ship will have time to test its hull in the ice of the Gulf when he arrived at the end of April. Normally, these tests should have been carried out this winter off Matane.

         The CEO is confident that the new technology developed for the new ferry between Matane-Baie-Comeau and Godbout will withstand ice.

         “A special custom bulb was drawn to it for the ice. An ice knife was invented for this bulb there, a patented product. It has also changed the rear to invent what they call the tail duck, “duck tail” which is another tool to push ice, pack when the ship back to regain forward. ”

         But, do not believe as far as service reliability with the new ship will be foolproof either.

         “Obviously if the ice ran aground off the port of Matane, it will have the same problem as Marcoux. It will have the same problem as any icebreaker “confirms Jocelyn Fortier.

         The ferry is expected to arrive in Quebec around 20 April, instead of January as planned. The first passengers should board at the beginning of the summer.

         The FA Gauthier will however perform its tests in the ice on his arrival in the country, as from 1 January 2016, the Camille-Marcoux will no longer meet Transport Canada standards.

         Larger than the Camille-Marcoux, the new ferry will accommodate 800 passengers and 180 cars.


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