Friday, March 27, 2015

The conference “From design to the art object: the news … – AMA

Friday, March 27 at 16 pm, the conference “From design to the art object: new technologies at the beginning of creation” was held at Art Paris Art Fair. It was led by Elodie Palasse-Leroux, journalist, curator and founder of Sleek Design and expert for the platform on ArtDesign 2015 Art Paris 2015 and Mikael Zikos, editor art / design in IDEAT Magazine. Stakeholders relied artists Cécile Le Talec and Miguel Chevalier, Alexandre Fougea, engineer and founder of designer luxury ski Akonite Studio, and Studio GGSV Gaëlle Gabillet and Stéphane Villard, designers and curators. The conference consisted of three components: the question of when the artist incorporates new technology, how the versatility of digital feeds creation and new types generated by the use of new technologies

When the artist / designer he incorporates technology?
For most designers at this table, the technology involved from the outset. Stéphane Villard says his thinking does not dissociate art. Miguel Chevalier, author of The Origin of the World, the video projected on the facade of the Grand Palais in Paris 2014 Art or the Magic Carpet , a digital carpet on which the movement of visitors changing product designs, says his report to the software is upstream of creation. For Cécile Le Talec, technology is also from his reflection, which also includes the old techniques, such as tapestry that his work Panoramic polyphonic revisits with new technologies. Its tapestry shows the pattern of a spectrogram – which reminded him of the landscapes of the seventeenth century – by computer contained the sound of birds. A presence detector side of the upholstery allows the release of the same sound to the approach of the visitor. The A2 studio specializing in contemporary tapestry, put his technique – he frequently reinvented in contact with the artists – in the service of the proposed Cécile Le Talec

How the versatility of digital. she feeds creation?
The designer Stéphane Villard says that IT helped produce forms that we could not conceive mathematically, let alone make. This brings us to Miguel Chevalier 3D printers used to produce its rings Wired Voxel – voxel being the pixel in 3D – including the sophisticated would have been a near impossible challenge for traditional methods . Alexandre Fougea also painted skis designed by artist Xavier Veilhan – work Handcrafted Ski Experience – with a dripping machine, that is to say that projects paint with perfect precision. The versatility of digital so also feeds a material creation, through mechanized tools. The reasons rings Miguel Chevalier are also voxels, which marks another passage of the digital world in the material world.

Do the new technology created new types?
Because artists and designers have to be appropriate, these new technologies have actually led to the creation of objects of a new type. The GGSV studio, as Akonite studio when he collaborated with artists, produces objects that combine design, art and functionality. For their Project last matter Gaëlle Gabillet and Stéphane Villard for example, have created tiles, stove, heater and dishes with a material made from the leftovers in the garbage incinerators. Miguel Chevalier adds that digital works, which autogénèrent to infinity – as Magic Carpet . – Are of a type totally new


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