Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The blog GigaOm specializing in new farm technologies – LaPresse.ca

“GigaOm recently has not been able to pay its creditors,” the site says, adding: “All operations have ceased”

GigaOm was born in 2006 under the impetus. of Indian journalist Om Malik. The blog claimed to have 6.5 million readers.

In 2012 he acquired a rival site, Paid Content.

If online media have wronged the press taking their readers, the industry has become extremely competitive with more and more publications covering the technology sector.

“It’s not how you want to see the history of your business end “regretted Om Malik on his personal website. “Each designer starts on a path full of hope and optimism, full of desire to build something that will help to make the world better, to reshape an industry and hopefully, become independent. Business, like life in general, is not a movie and everyone has the chance to have a happy ending. “


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