Saturday, March 14, 2015

New technologies: professional sports also benefit – Generation NT

Whether to shoot sporting events with the nearest drones, or bet on the projection of scenes in 360 degrees via virtual reality helmets, professional sport should change appearance in the months and years to come.

drone Florida campus With the new high-speed cameras, ultra high definition, new ways of monitoring performance using biometric sensors, it is possible to follow their favorite sports as close to each game.

And this proximity could paradoxically be refined even though the audience will not have to travel to attend the events. If television already allows to broadcast live meetings, future virtual reality helmets will immerse the viewer in the heart of the action. This is what provides David Blitzer, co-owner of the Philadelphia 76ers NBA team: “People can live on their couch a basketball game as if they were sitting at the foot of the basket This is incredible. . “

The Sports Business Summit this year and provides an important part in these new technologies that will shake up the sports media industry.

All are Yet not agree. Wyc Groudbeck, co-owner of the Boston Celtics and does not believe in the ability of virtual reality helmets properly recreate the atmosphere of a field and the crowd rises to every action.

Onboard cameras , flying drones, running sports thrills or propose new angles to the audience … With the proliferation of cameras also will be born the distribution of multi-channel flows that will leave the choice to the user to select the angle he wants see.

If then arise again the question of the management of broadcasting rights, and the advent of “Pay per view” that aims compensate for the inability of the user to physically go on event locations.


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