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Being expert in new technologies for Tomorrow in … – (Press Release)


Being expert in new technologies for Tomorrow in life!

“geeks” or at least the experts in new technologies seem to have a promising future. No more outdated image of young pimply glasses, up to the advent of hipsters. At home, couple, in public life or school, high-tech knowledge are very popular even required! This is the finding of a study conducted by experts in solution and memory storage and EasyPanel Institute

Having high tech skills is including.

 • have a better chance of becoming a millionaire, according to 64% of respondents;
 • be recognized as “cool” and “trendy” 22% of French;
 • make it easier for friends: 58% of the French consider it important to have a geek in his entourage;
 • be recognized as a good candidate for a job. For nearly one in two French (47%)

Paris, March 2015 – In France, it seems that the image of the “geeks” or evolving towards a status symbol according to the results of a study conducted by experts in solution and memory storage and EasyPanel institute.

To be “geek”, a social guarantee of success?

Nearly one French in four (22%) consider the “geek” or expert in new technologies such as “cool” or “trendy” and 64% believe it has real potential to become a millionaire .
 There is still some time, the “geeks” were seen as young skinny bespectacled remaining days and nights in front of their computer or console, with the only social life, their virtual friends. Today only 14% of the population perceives the “geek” as “anti-social”.
 Almost a third of respondents (32%) believe also that if one says that they are “geek” is a compliment!
 And about 12% of the respondents even consider their high-tech devices as a symbol of success. They include nearly a third (29.2%) to confess prefer to have high-tech devices that beautiful art shows (and even 63% for men).
 Even hackers gilded their image more than a third of respondents (34%) feel that they are important because they help to demonstrate the vulnerability of sites and protect personal data.
 The French, especially those of Generation Y (18-29 years), have understood that with the rise of new technologies in everyday life, it is important to have a “geek” in his entourage to repair its devices high-tech (58%), receive advice (54%) and still perform tasks more quickly on their computer (40%).
 Finally, in these times of crisis to find a job is becoming increasingly difficult, nearly one in two French (47%) say that being a connoisseur of new technology allows you to be a good candidate for a job, that young people aged 18 to 29 to 60% approve.

At school, technologies dethrone History Geo!
 At school, and if the French are questioned on the school curriculum, 10% of respondents consider that the new technologies are the first most important subject of learning.
 In general educational priorities according to respondents, they are placed after the reading and writing, critical for almost three quarters of respondents (73%) and foreign languages ​​(11%) but before story (4%), geography (2%) and physical education (1%).
 This ranking reflects the changes in society and the importance of new technologies in the daily life of French and especially future generations.

Our policies not all equal with technology
 With the rise of social networks and Internet video sharing via smartphone, communication of politicians with the French became mobile and immediate. They can declare interpeler, respond to real-time news and understood the importance of this new medium.
 In return, their every move is closely monitored on the web and can be subject to approval as media crises.
 Yet, according to the vast majority of French, our politicians are not really considered experts of new technologies.
 When the questions, Manuel Valls holds the top rankings, certainly, but with only 37% of respondents considering it the most eminent expert on new technologies, just ahead of Nicolas Sarkozy with 24%. It is Ségolène Royal that seems less expert, with 7% of respondents ranking the last.

ranking politicians according to their perceived expertise in new technologies:
 - Manuel Valls (37%)
 - Nicolas Sarkozy (22%)
 - Marine Le Pen (15%)
 - Alain Juppé (10%)
 - Francois Hollande (9%)
 - Ségolène Royal (7%)

The new technologies causing new inequalities?
 Almost half of respondents (49%) would be “an expert in new technologies” and 70% say they are interested in the latest innovations, showing that the subject calls them.
 Nearly 70% of them also feel overwhelmed by too much technology around them (21% frequently, 48% sometimes).
 Yet half of respondents (50%) is his knowledge at an intermediate level and does not consider “geek” or “beginner” and only a third think it well known in technological jargon.
 For proof, just 23% of respondents identified “HTTPS” to a secure protocol encryption, 14% know the meaning of “R” in the “DRAM” abbreviation, which means random (Dynamic Random Access Memory) and 7% say . know that the “U” in the “URL” abbreviation, meaning uniform (Uniform Resource Locator)

Fabrice Sabo, Expert in upgrading memory in said: “The French recognize the importance of new technologies in today’s society. Acquiring high-tech skills, even basic, now facilitates the professional and personal daily. The study tells us that 65% of respondents have never installed memory module into their computers while the slow machine is often a source of problems and it is also carried out simply as changing a cartridge ink on a printer that over 90% of respondents do! The site is expert in memory and storage solutions to increase the performance of the machines. The French can find here the right product for their PC via a system scan and explanatory videos are available to support them in every step of the installation.

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