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New technologies shine in China, despite the … – Le Parisien

March 16, 2015, 10:32 | Updated: March 16, 2015, 10:32

“China is already the market for information technology and communication to the fastest growing in the world”, welcomed Chinese Vice Premier Ma Kai, at the opening of the show.
> The Middle Kingdom has given up its GDP growth in double digits, but Beijing wants to see his industry, “evolve into the medium and high-end.” China is a manufacturer of cheap electronic components, but diversifies forced march.
Chinese spending on information technology (IT) alone will represent 43% of the global industry growth in 2015, according to forecasts specialist IDC.
China “is no longer the world’s factory,” Kitty Fok tip, an IDC analyst. In smartphones, for example, builders Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo and ZTE mechanical roll on their stands in Hanover. Unknown ten years ago, they conquered the Chinese market and now play spoilsport in the showdown between the US Apple and the South Korean Samsung.
Nearly 500 million smartphones are expected to sell China in 2015, one third of global sales, according to IDC forecasts. 85% of them will be by national champions
“China is a big enough market to allow a Chinese brand to become a global brand,” summarizes Ms Fok

.. – Copying or innovation? –

The protectionist state also provides Chinese companies their dominance in the domestic market, said Hauke ​​Gierow, a researcher at the Institute for the Study of Mercator China (Merics) in Berlin
. “The Chinese government is developing new barriers to business IT” foreign, for example by promoting “alternative technical standards,” he says.
“Many Chinese IT companies have reached this size because they have copied from abroad came models, “says Jost Wübbeke, another researcher Merics.
Xiaomi particular has come under fire from critics. The youngest of Chinese smartphones conquered the country in just five years, with broken-priced products, strongly inspired by Apple’s iPhone and touted by a faded denim boss without cultivating complex facial expressions to Steve Jobs, founder of the California juggernaut.
Some models are banned in India, after a judicial failure against Ericsson, who accused of patent infringement. A symbolic setback when Xiaomi looking to locate in a dozen countries.
“Innovative products are purchased, but not the culture of innovation,” notes Angela Stanzel, the European Business Council Foreign, pointing Chinese gaps.
“Many Chinese companies have long since abandoned copiers status” retorted the Chinese ambassador in Berlin Shi Mingde before the opening of CeBIT.
set the number of international patents, China delighted to Germany’s third in the world in 2013, behind Japan and the United States, according to the World Intellectual Property Organization.
And the economy Digital is strong. The giant online commerce Alibaba has just completed the largest entry into the history of New York Stock Exchange and launched in the US in the cloud – IT management online. His rival Tencent advance in mobile, with its WeChat application. It now includes a payment system that differentiates it from Whatsapp and is much more profitable than the American.
“Chinese companies now understand the importance of information technology,” observes Mark for AFP Gibbs, head of the Chinese branch of SAP, where the German software company has been established since 1992.
Taking advantage of its offensive in the “cloud”, China is now the fifth largest market group , he says. In 2011, she was not even included in the top 10

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