Friday, March 20, 2015

New technologies. The hackathons are in vogue, kézako? – West France

What is it?

A hackathon is a contest where, for one or two days, participants are working on a digital implementation project website , video game, software … Example audiovisual festival in Biarritz, where the end of January, three groups of seven people, from all over France, and even in London, participated in one of these mini-lab creation.

The “pitch”

The objective can be very technical, such as the development of lines of code for software. Or creative as in Biarritz, where the starting point was a documentary about the Gauls. Participants had a set: “Enriching the doc ‘imagining a game, a staging online declination …” indicates Holubowicz Gerard, president of the association co-organizer Storycode.

How’s it going?

Participants determine the project for which they will create a story, define media (mobile, tablet, Internet …) and target an audience.

Who is involved?

Creative as Zeynep, 32, a recent graduate in film studies Londoner, who wants to strengthen his knowledge in new technologies. Technicians “hardcore” as Jean-Christophe, 42, a software developer, more interested in the narrative. Or Jonathan, 33, transmedia producer: “A hackathon is a sacred brain training. It helps to build a network in a young environment where there is a strong emulation. “

It phosphorous …

In the heated discussions over the ideas jostle: one participant offers a video game ” to reach young “ .Another suggests developing an online multiple choice questions. “It is good for teachers, we need something more playful,” a girl retorted. Finally, the group opts for a … gaming , that is to say, a video game.

Large companies also

After Orange Société Générale, Axa, L’Oreal, SNCF … the city of Angers has just held its hackathon. Objective: To work on an application that facilitates the mobility of older people. Financial support (up to € 5,000) and technique was promised to the winner. But in general, the projects outlined in these contests rarely emerge. The hackatons are conducive to innovation, and that is what they are interested in business and communities.


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