Saturday, April 2, 2016

Advito: new technologies seduce while prices … – Accs Pros

Thanks to low prices the current oil prices and the expected stagnation both in terms of demand and capacity, aerial prices will be stable or even may decline in 2016 , according Advito. Only certain Latin American markets will experience an increase in intercontinental fares.

Accommodation: prices down in Europe
Regarding hotels, Advito has readjusted its first forecasts for both regions. Thus the projections have been revised downwards for hotel rates in Europe. They imply a range of 1% to 3% instead of 2% – 4%. The tariff predictions institutions in Latin America to increase their share of 2% to 4% to 3% to 5%, driven by price increases in Argentina and Chile.

The new technology attract
“Companies are increasingly concerned about lower costs, safety and the environment, as well as balance work-life “ says Olivier Benoit, Senior Director Advito. “As a result, travel managers must properly assess the value of each trip. The virtual communication through video conferencing in particular, can offer a real alternative. Existing technology has improved and is less expensive than before “.

In terms of payment methods, there is also the change: the virtual payment solutions such as virtual credit cards or automating virtual payment will become common in the business. Payments are secure, and simplified and easy data analysis. “ Travel demand services allow them to reduce the amount of expenditure” , adds Olivier Benoit. “With the many applications available on smartphone, travelers have access to services often cheaper than those reserved for them by others. Take for example the VTC and compare these services with booking a taxi via the hotel reception where you stay “.

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