Saturday, April 16, 2016

New breeding technologies – HCB invites … – La France Agricole

Selection of New Technologies



According to the High Council of biotechnology, “neither resignation nor boycott are solutions to advance the debate. “

In a statement released Wednesday, April 13, HCB (High Council of biotechnology) reacts to the series of resignations, including seven associations that the civil society denouncing the “censorship by HCB of scientific opinions diverge.”

He said that “it will continue its work on NPBT (new plant breeding technologies), hoping that the more stakeholders can participate and inviting resigned to return to the discussion table. “

According to HCB,” neither resignation nor the boycott are solutions to advance debate. The richness and originality of HCB is the variety of viewpoints. “

A place for debate

” The HCB is inherently an adversarial place where everyone can and must present its position on the relevant subjects, supports the organization. Refuse to participate in the dialogue does not advance the debate on NPBT and made even less progress to build an opinion, which aims to inform public decision independently. “

He continued:” The HCB is intended to reflect and debate all its members in a truly democratic and transparent framework. Democracy in HCB is allow everyone to express clearly upstream discussions and meeting its differences. HCB is to respect the regulation to which all members agreed. It is also taking responsibility to state clearly and precisely their differences so that they are specially mentioned in the productions. “


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