Friday, April 8, 2016

The car and its new embedded technologies – Auto News

Several studies estimated that by the end of 2015, 70% of European new cars are equipped with advanced energy management systems, including Stop and Start.

A figure speaking which highlights the current trend: almost all manufacturers have adopted today. Reduced fuel consumption, limitation of CO2 emissions in the city (up 15%), reduction of noise pollution … It is understandable that consumers join the system and that manufacturers are involved in these types of technologies.

However, the rapid and continuing evolution of vehicles means new electrical / electronic systems which result:

• modifications of the most common electrical measurements such as control of a circuit load / start, which may lead to the replacement of a battery requiring pairing the vehicle.

• the arrival of new operating strategies related to many amenities needed to fully perform diagnostics efficient.

• The presence of multiplexed equipment and networks. These follow new communications protocols involving a diagnostic approach and knowledge of the system in detail.

It is therefore necessary for technicians to be able to understand these new technologies, so as to maintain that the diagnosis (on equipment where interactions, multiplexing and management are complex).

GNFA offers a 14-day course you to take into account the whole dimension of the new methods and tools and thus improve your electrical and electronic work. It consists of many practical applications which are the daily technician and targeted technological inputs. It also explains the constraints of documentation (research and exploitation of multi wiring diagrams in particular), and provides a special look at the diagnostic method, real thread of this training.


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