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On the occasion of the release of “Hardcore Henry,” Focus on the anecdotes of this very muscular first film shot in the first person, which promises unprecedented action scenes in cinema!

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the main difficulty Hardcore Henry was to determine the right height to attach the camera and give the impression that the viewer actually sees through the eyes of the character. This has been fixed at the mouth, to be at the eye level of a human being. A custom helmet has been built for the needs of the movie.

Reinventing waterfalls

The stuntmen had to completely revise their way of working for Hardcore Henry . Indeed, the GoPro cameras placed on the helmets, were filming the entire action without possibility of concealing the impact of the blows. “ Our stuntmen had to relearn their craft so to speak. They spent a lot of time training in the gym, camera head, and then they sent me the rushes of their trials and . what they planned to do this has been a very long process “ says Ilya Naishuller

From rock to shock

Ilya Naishuller is originally part of a rock band based in Moscow, Biting Elbows and whose music, he realized, were particularly noted on the Internet. One can for example quote Bad Motherfucker , in which already included the subjective camera process resumed in Hardcore Henry a certain amount of violence. Particularly invested Naishuller wrote, produced and shot in his film.

A wordless hero

Ilya Naishuller hoped that the protagonist never expressed, for fear of breaking the viewer identification process to Henry, because of remarks which may not correspond to what he would could say or think. Moreover, the lack of facial expressions on screen dialogues deprived potential of any emotional dimension, a problem for the director.

Assault and battery

in view of the scenes very dangerous actions that were shot for Hardcore Henry Ilya Naishuller is pleased to count only a few minor injuries to the stunt: ” I told myself with a broken leg or arm, one could estimate lucky “ , he said. “ In the end, two stuntmen had five stitches on his head without concussion, and a stunt woman was slightly injured wrist after falling in an elevator car on the hands. It is in remarkably well learned . “

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