Tuesday, April 26, 2016

How new technologies have made possible the … – Information in real time

Gone are the times where countryside walks on the edge of the wood, hair flying, frock coat over his shoulders, you Contiez whipping the elected-e your heart, chaperoned by a horde of vultures company. And much more!

Today, meetings, it is possible to make it down the street, going to the baker (or supermarket), at work, on the subway, in bars, clubs, clubs sport, the restaurant, theater, everywhere, a little all the time. The world is a playground. Add to this the digital world with the proliferation of sites and meeting applications, to have the choice to move (or not) and to dredge online cushy if necessary.

Car down the street, you can walk into a turd. At the supermarket, in the middle of two bottles of wine and a PQ roll, it is not easy to simper. At work, there is nothing to put in their mouths except Robert, heavy big customer service. In the subway, you sleep. In bars or nightclubs, you’re a little too tipsy and have trouble judging the -dirons ourselves-quality encounter … In sports club, traces of sweat and dirty hair make you a handkerchief use. At the restaurant, your appetite ogre-ess is not very flattering. In theater, you laugh a little too hard, and never at the right time. All this happens in the worst case, it is rare (and disturbing, but it happens) to accumulate as much of this kind of inconvenience. But it can happen to me, for example.

This is why, among other sites and online applications are so successful. Playful and very diverse, there is something for everyone and every mood.

“the art of seduction is changing with the times and that we have developed makes me sick …”

in my case, the right side of the modernity stops here. The art of seduction is changing with the times and that we have developed makes me vomit. 2.0 The language has replaced that of the body. To seduce and be seduced-e, must comply with a whole bunch of strict rules. If you fear or flee your next flirting before meeting him.

The majority of communication between you and your crush / flirting / sex date / friend / attendance / etc. through the online messaging. Few calls because they ask circumstances too complicated to implement. Yeah, we do not call to check on … No, that would be too simple.

The composition of SMS communicating through messages, you have to be inventive in the body text and find a hook (and especially an original fall) without going overboard. The use of punctuation and smileys is a delicate operation that can change the short your relationship: “I put him three dots for the mysterious look or a glance to be more explicit? “. The tone of the messages also reflects your character: laid-e and e-detached in all circumstances.

The answers to SMS If he / she takes three hours answering you and that when you receive the message you have the laptop in hand, know that you must wait at least three hours prior to answer. If you wrote a message but you have not answered, it is unthinkable for him to send a message. Never double message without answer! The base.

The meetings and follow-up: Do not see two nights in a row the person that you saw the first time, it is a rule. It must be that he / she understands that you have a life, even if you’re dying to / her again. Do not write too much either, not seeming hooked. Make him understand that you are not the type to take your head. The watchword is always the same: to “attend” to have a good time, but especially -at great never- define the relationship. It should not look like a rabid dog does e-sticking each other from early trade! We are all independent beings who can control our feelings perfectly.

seduction is a game of manipulation that is to attract and keep the ascendancy over the other. There is no question of self but of the image modeled according to established convention. The important thing is that the other believes that all this maneuver is perfectly reckless and spontaneous. Going good! Who still believes that?

Why have to bend to the rules of codes which disgust me?

Why not call if I feel like it? Why not tell him what I really feel? Why use a tactic that is not like me? Why have to bend to the rules of codes which disgust me? I never want to be that person. I’m tired. Yes.
I’m tired of living a world of denial and distance are more valuable than honesty in relationships.
I’m tired of pretense and appointments are alike.
I’m tired of endlessly replay the same game, the same turns of phrase and hooks bullshit.

Let’s face (it will change)

If you are interested (e) by someone, tell him. If someone would like, tell him. If you love someone, tell him.
But if you are not interested in someone, tell him frankly, even if it hurts. Let marinate for people in limbo, suspended answers that will not come, if ever.

Most of all, let’s be honest with ourselves in dizziness relationships. Avoid getting lost and losing the other.



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