Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Changi Airport is testing new technologies to its controls – Pros Accs

New equipment scanning of cabin baggage, tested at Changi airport, is able to control the electronic equipment in the bags thanks to 3D technology. Business travelers and no longer have to waste time removing their computer or tablet of their bag before the controls.

In addition, the baggage screening machine provides two passenger ferries simultaneously. They can drop their business at the same time. Once used, the baskets will automatically return from the line. So the agents not to bring them themselves. In addition, the luggage will require additional screening will be sent on a second line. Passenger flow should thus be more fluid.

To screen passengers themselves, the platform is also testing a body scanner. After removing the objects in their pockets, travelers pass through the machine and are scanned in seconds. If something suspicious is detected, agents see appear a “noninvasive” image that indicates the area. They can then zoom in to control the object. But if nothing is detected when passing, agents just see OK appear on their screen. The platform ensures that this body scanners presents no risk to the health of passengers.

Changi Airport will decide whether to keep or not the new technology after studying the data and passenger feedback collected during this test to be conducted until June 2016.


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