Thursday, April 7, 2016

How new technologies have transformed the habits … – France Info Net

The technology is a sector that is developing faster and faster in modern time and this growth is not ready to Slow. The revolution that began in the late 20 th century saw the development of the internet, video games and virtual reality also. Owner and take advantage of this growth every day, and according MaPromobox the French spend more than € 12,000 every minute online. Businesses and consumers are becoming close through the development of new technologies and we see it over the years.

A worldwide gaming community

access to the internet and the development of video games has seen an explosion of online gamer communities, these video game fans can interact during their online gaming sessions. Often on consoles like PlayStation, Xbox or PC can communicate these players forming “clans” or teams in their favorite games. This contributed to the explosion of online players as well as the beginning of eSports! The esports are electronic sports, and today, the associations organize international tournaments online often well rewarded and even have sponsors for the biggest teams, as in the physical sport. More than 100 million people watched an eSports event in 2015 and this figure is increasing by 2016.

the explosion of mobile applications:

the arrival of smartphones has opened a new market in the technology industry as well as for brands that wish to be ever closer to their clients. We’re talking about mobile applications for smartphones. These applications are not as mobile games even if this market began with simple mini games to keep you entertained for a long train journey or during your breaks. We are seeing more and more brands of smartphones with applications created to facilitate the purchase of products online. The French spend more and more time on their mobile and these brands have well found a way to communicate with their customers through mobile channels. Now we can sell / buy, play casino, create recipes. With about 55 applications on average for each mobile in 2015 this trend will not slow down.

virtual Reality: The next step

 helmet-to-virtual-reality This is the beginning of a new technological era with the advent of virtual reality. with brands such as Google, HTC and PlayStation offering devices for the planned virtual reality in 2016 the industry will soon become very important for companies around the world. you might find your holiday before the rent, or find yourself in the middle of a trailer for a new movie. But this is not that companies will benefit but also our children. the use of virtual reality may improve the school system with interactive lessons for students, why read a book on the key moments in our history when these students can carry and relive the event live through virtual reality.

These developments have opened many opportunities for individuals and companies during the 21 th century and now we expect the next step in the history of technology, virtual reality!


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