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Exit grandparents cakes “old school”. Place now the “silver surfers” who know how to use new technologies to get closer to their grandchildren. A theme that will obviously be discussed at the
 senior living that opens Thursday in Paris. “It’s an absolute highlight to be connected to the majority of grandparents today, if they want to be dropped in their relationship with their grandchildren, digital natives. Because if they do not put themselves in tune, the dialogue may be interrupted quickly, “says Caroline Cotinaud, author of Grandparents beginners .

A digital revolution fundamentally changed the generational relations and gives rise to new uses in the seniors. “Skype is increasingly used for example by grandparents whose grandchildren live far away. The image allows them to see their little ones grow and they can also show their books, pictures, pieces of the house … “says Caroline Cotinaud.

” The use of mail replaced the postcard “

If SMS is not heavily used by seniors to communicate with their descendants, however they are fond of the mall, like Marie-Pascale Anseaume, author of grandparents young survival Guide ** “My husband and I and communicate with my two granddaughters of 6 and 10 years who live 500 kilometers from home. Because they are not fans of the phone and appreciate having autonomous contacts with us, without the filter of their parents. We write to once every ten days to exchange about us photos, comment on what is happening at school or program that we will do all in our next vacation towns, “she says. Messages that often émeuvent this young grandmother of 59 years: “the smallest tells me she loves me very abusing smileys. And the great I was particularly touched when I wrote just after the death of my mother, “says Marie-Pascale Anseaume.

” The use of email has replaced the postcard that we sent to grandparents to tell her vacation. And these digital exchanges now start to 6-7 years, “says Caroline Cotinaud. Especially as seniors spend an average of 1:15 p.m. per week on the Internet, according to the observatory Cetelem February 2016. Papers that simplify the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren, and create a new bond between them “adolescents trust for example, more easily to them in writing, which turns into real mamys grandpas and confidants, “she continues. “It puts the emotional and playful in their reports, whereas previously the grandparents were confined to their world of seniors,” adds Armelle Lebigot-Macaux, president of the
 School of European grandparents.

Trainers grandchildren countries and mamys

“Many grandparents are also put video games in order to share the passion of their grandchildren, “says Armelle Lebigot-Macaux. “I happened to play checkers on shelves with my granddaughters and I also regularly use the web to do research,” recounts Marie-Pascale Anseaume. Grandparents connected also lend themselves to the game of selfies with their teens’ even if they do not put the pictures on
 Snapchat, but retain the treasured in their phone, “says Caroline Cotinaud.

The new technologies have also enabled a reversal of roles. “For the grandchildren often form leursgrands parents. They show them how to download an application, restore order in their smartphone or help them solve bugs. It is very rewarding for them, “says Armelle Lebigot-Macaux.

Workshops to overcome his fears

Still, if young retirees have no difficulty to comply with this digital communication, those who have not worked more difficult to get started. “Grandmothers often scared,” says Armelle Lebigot-Macaux, which organizes within the European school grandparents discussion groups entitled “share around the digital”. One way to overcome the reluctance before allowing seniors to learn new technologies at workshops in small groups.

Ussel, the Haute-Corrèze Training Institute, also proposed in January a workshop called “grandparents, stay tuned.” “The goal was to teach them how to create an email address to communicate on Skype, surfing the web. Some need a lot of repetitions to store it all. But the fact that many of them are now equipped with tablet makes learning easier. And they are often highly motivated, as this granny of 90 years who insisted learn to communicate on Skype with her grandchildren, “says Nicolas Soulet, the director of the training center. For succeed in mastering these tools is not only a personal victory but also the promise of beautiful moments of family shares.

* beginners Grandparents Caroline Cotinaud, First editions, 9.95 euros.

** young survival Guide grandparents , Marie-Pascale at Hervé Anseaume, Tut-Tut editions, 9.90 euros.