Tuesday, August 9, 2016

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Focus today on connected objects to monitor their performance
Contents:. Trackers to record the performance of swimmers, smart soles for analyze and prevent joint pain and sports gear connected that serves virtual coach!

We start with smart insoles placed in your running shoes to analyze the quality of your race.
in addition to the right data and already delivered by the connected watches, such as the number of strides, pace and distance, these mapping soles, thanks to pressure sensors, the areas requested on the soles of your feet.
the application supports Android and Ios in real-time alert if one of the legs does not arise flat and may advise you to take a break before the onset of joint problems, with a predictive algorithm to know the degree of stress on your knees
for dependent sports wind, like kite surfing, parasailing but also archery and fishing, you are given a handheld anemometer that plugs the smartphone’s audio jack. The asymmetry between the two rotor blades (one being recessed portion) causes a slight acceleration when the full blade is struck by the wind.
From this shift and with the magnetic field sensor smartphone, the app is able to indicate wind direction and its current and average speeds.

Place this in a sports outfit with motion sensor and virtual coach
Adapter for sport 3D motion capture technology previously reserved to the movies and video games, to improve the trainings is the purpose of the sports coach garment connected, launched by a Canadian start-ups.
Durable, washable and breathable garment that incorporates motion sensors that reveal the positions in real time the athlete to transmit wifi in App.
performance (speed, muscle fatigue and angle force applied to joints, precision) and advice are provided by the virtual coach. Clothing and avoids injury.

On closing with a tracker to record the performances of swimmers
This funny prosthesis is a heart rate monitor for swimmer, operating up to 30 meters deep attaches to the waistband of any swimming goggles and wrap the glass.
in this way, a pulse sensor is kept at the temple. Depending on the survey heart rate, tracker information live swimmer on the intensity of his effort. LEDs illuminate the glass glasses, according to a code of three colors: blue, green and red. The device also records the number of laps completed by motion sensors. At the end of the session, all data can be transferred via USB to computer. The software allows you to view and track their progress with a drive to another.


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