Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Daher will install a school focused on new technologies – Les Echos

Daher of the site in Nantes was the first to be accredited by the Alliance Industry of the future, in early 2016. to make this shift, the aerospace supplier is changing its management and its training policy. In this plant, “we focused on the operators control tasks and let those that require strength machines” says Nicolas Orance, director of innovation. “In our production site in Tarbes, this is no longer the operators who move but the play, it allows us to get in rhythm and less arduous. “ As elsewhere, the future of the industry also requires a disruption of training: ” In 2015, there were 116,000 hours of training in our group, which has 8,700 employees, “ says the director of innovation, adding a school dedicated to new technologies will emerge. “The idea is to bring digital culture to staff. “ In order to change the process without going into the wall, Daher wants to put the operator and the manager” at the center “. “We are testing in production sites in real situations, and operators involved in the decision about whether the technology and process are viable or not. “ The objective is that the technology can be modified or even abandoned if it is not suitable.

J. D., Les Echos

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