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New technologies will revolutionize they finally purchase … – The

Visit neighbor apartment with a visual reality helmet on his head, here the experience offered by Cogedim in his new store located at Bercy in the 12th arrondissement of Paris. The marriage between virtual reality and new housing seems clear , as it helps the future owner to make real housing that was hitherto only virtual … However, the real estate sector french, including nine, has long been “ a little behind the digitalization ” as willing to admit Thomas Penet, deputy general manager marketing and advertising Cogedim in charge to visit the Store . The question is what this delay is due …

“Reassure customers”

In addition to the virtual reality gadget, the Cogedim Store also offers the possibility to buyers of model entirely their apartment in 3D , incorporating coatings and furniture they have been able to choose thanks to the samples offered a few meters away. Eventually, they can visit virtually and configured. The purpose of these devices? “ Reassuring customers during the period preceding the delivery ” assumes Thomas Penet. This period can indeed be stressful and long, up to three years in some cases, “ a phase where we only announce bad news: late delivery, overhead work, etc. . “he adds. The future owner can thus already be projected in his apartment, something that is often lacking in a sale in future completion (Vefa)

 Gallery  choices Cogedim Store

If the implementation of Cogedim, accompanied by his new toys in the heart of the capital is a strong sign of innovation, the company is not a pioneer in this field. The start-up Toulouse Visiolab has set up a virtual visit tool for both developers: Green City and the Carrere Group. The solution, which uses the famous virtual reality headset Oculus Rift, was presented in March 2015 at the new home living in Toulouse.

The virtual visit with or without helmet begins to seduce many property players, including former. So, walking on classifieds sites, it is not uncommon to be offered virtual tour of a home. This generalization was well aided by the democratization of capture tools 360.

hard concrete of a need surmountable

In the Cogedim blind Bercy, the room dedicated to reality Virtual however takes a small part of the 600 m2 of the place. The rest is occupied by two witnesses apartments, two-room and three rooms. surprising detail, it has 4 bathrooms. “ Client can thus show the different design solutions that are proposed for our bathrooms ” explains Thomas Penet. In the end, a “real” bathroom so ever speak to a customer 3D bathroom and demonstrates that it will be hard to replace the real in the real estate buying process .

  Apartment Cogedim Store

Cogedim pushed the direction of maximum detail, by installing running water in these multiple bathrooms, installing a range of furniture, also available for sale, and even recreating public areas that can be found in some realization of the company. “ All our public areas are carried out by interior designers “, explained Thomas Penet. The virtual is not so in the case of Cogedim Store, one tool among many others allowing prospective buyers to feel a bit at home already.

Applications to help the buyer choose

the new technology will therefore probably hard to completely replace the human and concrete in real estate. A buyer will always want to see a place “for real” before buying. In the new, he will want to see the place where takes place the construction, to discover the surroundings. But even in the choice of the district, digital solutions are developed to accompany the buyer. Thus, a mobile application like AroundMe (see below) allows you to see at a glance all the shops, cinemas, bars, hospitals or restaurants present near the property you intend buy. Most developers of sites also offer a card with this information on the website dedicated to their new program.

 d  '& # xe9 Capture; Nexity notch website

With application City Gardens , the user can find all the green areas near its future home. In the more general approach of purchase Although Visit will summarize all the questions to ask the real estate agent (or the current owner) where you will have access to the coveted apartment.

the property sector is therefore quite late seizes new technologies offered by our time. Once past the nervousness, the various stakeholders have grasped the relevance of some of these tools to facilitate the buying process should not undermine their role. At least for now …


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