Wednesday, August 10, 2016

New technologies for bike fans – news, lifestyle

Notice to bike fans, we propose today an overview of the best innovations for pedaling 2.0
Contents fashion. Ultrasonic bike for dead angles, a pedal bike geolocates if it has been stolen, a handlebar GPS which also displays its SMS and vibrating handles to know when to turn!

We start the selection of innovations designed for bike lovers with the first two wheels that warns the driver if it detects a threat in the blind spot.
ultrasonic sensors are integrated in the rear hub, so that if you try to then turn a vehicle is about to overtake you, handlebars illico alert you: it triggers vibrations in one of the two handles to indicate which side the danger looming
Designed by a start-up. Canadian, this bike carbon fiber of just over 7kg is also able to show you your way.
simply connect it via Bluetooth to an application on your smartphone.
LEDs located on both sides of the handlebar then light up to show you which direction to take: left, right …
a final application allows to optimize its routes thanks to numerous sensors integrated into the chassis ( accelerometer, gyro, speed sensors …). They spot
eg potholes and help you avoid on a return passage on the same road.

Place this in a pedal that geolocates his bike if it was stolen.
This new generation pedal tracker is a real bike! With an internet connection, cellular access with integrated SIM card and generating its own energy through pedaling, it is completely autonomous.
If the bike is shaken by a thief, a motion detection system alerts the owner via application dedicated smartphone.
integrated also allows GPS to geotag and transmits the application statistics journeys, route, distance, speed curves and elevation, calories consumed. The assembly of the two pedals requires an encoded unique key provided upon purchase.
A handlebar GPS that displays also SMS
Designed by a French start-up it offers cyclists routes assistance simple and visual.
Magnetic the handlebars, this little box with a LED display automatically connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth.
a trip previously registered on the application via smartphone (Google Maps or other ) will be displayed by “arrow + distance” duets indicating the direction to follow a straight 50 meters, 300 meters straight “etc …
stroking the case, the user can also view the distance as well as its current and average speeds, saved on the application or even read his SMS, practical and fun, we love that!


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