Sunday, August 28, 2016

distinctive markings and new technologies to protect … –

Auto-moto Labelling ground and new technologies involved in the safety of vulnerable road users.

You will agree easily to have probably been in the case or at least have faced this kind of situation, pedestrians are more distracted than ever, especially because many of them are clinging to their smartphone when crossing the road.

As such, it should be noted that some cities have adopted or are considering opting for a distinctive markings. Germany, Augsburg, for example, new signage is tested to avoid the accident to the pedestrians who have their eyes on their smartphone . LED traffic lights have been integrated into the floor near two busy tram stops. These LEDs light up and start flashing when a tram or approach the fire for pedestrians turns red. Rather like smart invention, right?

Meanwhile, many cars have an emergency brake associated with a pedestrian detection system (and other vulnerable road users such as cyclists, skaters, etc.).

At Ford, we decided to use this technology (already offered on Mondeo, S-Max and Galaxy) on the utility line. An innovative system that detects people on the floor and possibly automatically initiate emergency braking if the driver fails to respond to warnings.

How does it work in practice? It’s simple and complicated at the same time. The system collects information from a camera placed on top of the windshield and radars located in the bumper and analysis via a database incorporating pedestrian shapes . What distinguishes people typical objects of the road environment, such as trees and signs. This technology can even predict when people on the side are likely to enter the roadway.

According to official statistics, between 2004 and 2013, some 70,000 pedestrians were killed in Europe. And since 2013, the number of smartphones has increased tenfold …

As of mid-career development, the Suzuki S-Cross has undergone a profound facelift, which is far beyond aesthetics. The interior and the engines are also new skin and restore a youthful look to this little adventurer to the friendly face.

Its designers wanted it more particularly modifying sports bumpers, hood and grille. Dynamism now accentuated by the xenon headlights and LED lights needed.

New design for aluminum wheels also feature slightly wider than previously mounted (215 instead of 205). Finally, four new body colors brings the total number of colors available in nine.

The changes inside are more subtle (yet) and are marked especially at the seat coverings, color and distribution counters of the more luxurious structure of the dashboard with some trim to the finish in satin chrome. Nothing essential, it must be admitted, just enough to give an impression again.

Ultimately, it is mainly under the hood that the most significant changes were made . Downsizing forces, former aspirated 1.6-liter petrol gives way to a new three-cylinder turbo (called BoosterJet) to 112 hp (and a small liter displacement) and a supercharged 1.4 developing 140 hp. Diesel 1.6 DDIS, he continues his career, still with 120 hp.

The choice between the box manual or automatic transmission 6 (6-well) is always offered but, as identifies this last, we note with pleasure that the former continuously variable transmission (CVT) has been abandoned.

remember that the S-Cross is available in 2 or 4 wheel drive.

the Suzuki is now sold at prices ranging from 18,999 to 31,299 € according executions and engines.


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