Monday, August 22, 2016

New technologies for photographers for a … – JDN

This year is exceptional in the field of sport: great meetings succeed since May and occupies a privileged place in the media. To cover these events effectively, photographers can rely on new technologies.

Tour de France, Summer Olympics in Rio … Sporting events that appeal to the general public around the world succeed. In order to live to their audience emotions and ambiance of the great sporting moments, the media rely on photographers.

 New technologies are a vital asset to this profession and open new
 opportunities for coverage of a sporting event such as the Games
 Olympic. Internet, optical fiber or mobile technologies have
 helped reduce impressively the time required for setting
 Providing a snapshot with the media, but also brands
 seeking to rely on highlights like the Olympics to animate
 their digital platforms: websites, social networks, newsletters …

Today photographers are the only ones to commercialize shots in 120 seconds. An athlete crossing the finish line of the 100 meters may
 to be an information sites before they even see his hand medal! A technological feat that enhances the immediacy of
 information and offers everyone the opportunity to live near-live a
 highlight of the competition.

360 ° revolution

Beyond this
 dimension, the explosion of new technologies and digital offer
 also many opportunities to cover a sporting event
 and offer each an increasingly immersive and personal experience. Let us not forget that in Beijing in 2008 and the iPad Instagram existed
 not yet. Twitter, meanwhile, took just off. These developments have contributed to changing the photo,
 to put at the service of the experience. Visual content have become much more “human”, like the selfies. This is to convey
 a dimension of authenticity, offer an immersion and realistic experience as a video shot using a GoPro for example.

As such, the
 Athens Olympic Games saw the introduction of cameras positioned in the basins
 Swimming to cover these events from a new point of view, to allow
 the general public to see what was going on under the water line and
 and propose another swimming experience.

Eight years later,
 London, photographers have made 3D and 360 ° service coverage
 always unique and immersive summer Olympics. Still nascent but controlled
 by our photographers, these technologies have helped to bring a new
 dimension and offer a more immersive visual experience and
 Therefore more emotional. Needless to say, 3D photography
 such as 360 ° have since become a standard to cover such an event
 Rio and place the viewer into the heart of the Games, even in the skin of the athlete.

And me tomorrow
 You say? Who knows ? At a time of artificial intelligence and
 robotics, new opportunities open to photographers and
 photojournalists covering events, testify to what they see and
 as share their experiences with their emotions.

In Rio de Janeiro, the
 Robotic already possible to go further in perspective and retained angle:
 aerial photos, shooting under water, original pictures from points
 inaccessible for humans … Beautiful opportunities to enable
 photographers multiply angles and offer the media, brands and individuals an increasingly rich and immersive vision of such an event.
 But one thing is certain: it is rewarding to explore the potential
 new technologies and exploit them to the benefit of experience
 ever more immersive, they can not replace the eye and talent
 Each photographer will have at heart to them in favor of what he wants


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