Tuesday, August 2, 2016

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Very symbolic of the revolution that prepares the Congo – and very noticed – was the call for agriculture Denis Sassou Nguesso on Friday launched his ministers after a Council of Ministers devoted mainly to the development of oil and gas resources of our country. Our daily with heavily relayed this message we do not come back here on substantive issues it raises and especially the change in attitudes that cause in a society that pulled for ages prosperity of the only producing hydrocarbons.

It seems important, however, to emphasize that the message indirectly addressed the Congolese people during this government council will be realized if, at the same time where farms are developing a powerful mechanism packaging and transportation of farm produce to urban centers is being established. What, indeed, serve the growing number of small and large production centers throughout the whole of our territory if the grains, fruits, vegetables and citrus fruits, meat, fish can not be sold quickly where live consumers? Now everyone is able to see in its immediate environment, we are today very far, which is why the Congolese economy was so hard to take off.

If the highest authority State saw fit to make this appeal today to the agricultural mobilization is because that after fifteen years of titanic work the Congo has established communications infrastructure that enable people and goods to flow smoothly from north to south and east to the west of the country. Unable to realize until recently because of the remoteness of many of the departments, agricultural development no longer a myth or utopia, but in reality. The time has come to convince the Congolese themselves.

While it is true that one does not change the mentality of a magic wand it is equally, if not more than the prospect of a better life is one of the most powerful forces of economic progress. We are at this point.


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