Thursday, August 18, 2016

Bruno Le Maire, who said master new technologies, knows … – Non Stop Policy

Bruno Le Maire account on his mastery of new technology to differentiate itself from its rivals. Yet the candidate for the primary from the right and the center does not know certain prized applications Delivery of meals.

Bruno Le Maire -it really an expert of mobile applications? There are a few weeks, the MP (LR) Eure affirmed master new technologies. One way to stand out from other candidates in the presidential election, including Nicolas Sarkozy. The former head of state does not in fact know the classifieds site online Le Bon Coin second most visited site in France. Bruno Le Maire had not failed then drag a picnic to the boss of the Republicans. According to Le Point , he would have proclaimed his close “or you know master Tinder, or you do not know master Tinder” (an application of popular games among youth) . One way to tell the difference will also take over control of the Internet. “I know Tinder and there is also Grindr for another kind (an application for gay dating)” , said Bruno Le Maire, who nevertheless explained to be “rather Tinder.”

A youtubeur? What is it?

But then, Bruno Le Maire was caught at his own game in an interview with the Point in its edition of 18 August. To the question “do you know what a Youtubeur?” The candidate for the primary of the right and center meets a shy “Youtube, yes …”. But “frankly”, “a youtubeur”, it said nothing at all . The deputy of Eure also provides do not know the Take It Easy Deliveroo applications (two applications of delivery meals, first filed for bankruptcy in the last few weeks). “My children will be dismayed by reading this interview,” laments Bruno Le Maire. “I’m pretty music applications,” he says, adding also use “a lot of navigation apps like Waze”. “My teams also tell me dating applications” , concludes the primary candidate of the right and center. Which probably explains its release on Tinder app

. Bruno Le Maire, who said master new  technologies, does not know what a youtubeur

Bruno Le Maire nice welcome “master Tinder “we do not know so well the web / © Maxppp


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