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New technologies are revolutionizing the real estate sector … – LaVieImmo.com

Geolocation, Virtual 3D tour: new technologies havoc with the area of ​​real estate sales, leading developers, realtors and ad sites to offer innovative services

(. LaVieImmo.com) – the digital breakthrough in the sale of real estate is still summarizes the tilting of the ad market on the websites. But according to experts Xerfi-Precepta cabinet, “the real estate distribution is on the cusp of large digital upheaval.”

If for now, “the intervention of a third party during ‘ a transaction appears even indispensable “, the actors in the” must remain on the alert, under pain of being hounded by new entrants 100% online or disruptive models emerging abroad “, they say in a recent pay study.

a handful of start-up high tech revolutionizing the sector

on the services side, the number of startups innovating in the linking. Companies such qu’Ikimo9, Locatme Somhome offer or facilitate real estate course customers by better targeting of research (simultateur compare, “matching”), or by simplifying procedures, as does the BePrem’s platform that broadcasts records prospective tenants to realtors.

Thanks to advances in scanning to visualize a future apartment 3D virtual visit is gradually, as evidenced by the success of Habiteo. Born in 2014, the company developed a technology to industrialize 3D representation of production, costs and very competitive manner. Nearly 150 developers (Bouygues Immobilier, Kaufman and Broad, Sogeprom, Sagec, Icade …) use Habiteo to market their new programs, and Habiteo launches today in Britain, Germany and Russia after up 3 million euros in June 2016.

the real estate agents have reacted with delay by creating their website

challenged to adapt the network of estate agencies conventional who missed the digital revolution, launched in December 2015, their own site Bien’ici ads, to break the monopoly sites like Find lodging and Le Bon Coin. It incorporates geolocation, which allows to browse an animated map by entering their own criteria (transport, shops, schools …) to search for housing.

To consolidate their positions, incumbents that are promoters will not be able to ignore a real digital strategy, particularly in the property sector nine which “still afraid,” says Thomas Penet, deputy general manager of marketing advertising Altarea Cogedim. “Because when buying off-plan, there are two years of waiting and nobody understands anything paper plane …” he said.

Some developers are betting on virtual tours 3D

“reassure” the customer, the real estate group opened in June in Paris Bercy Village shopping center a place “avant-garde”, the Store Cogedim, which mixes real and virtual tour. You can walk in two apartments of 2 and 3 rooms, reproduced full size, fully decorated … but also put a virtual reality headset to explore a fictional accommodation.

“The thirty year love . others are completely refractory, they have nausea. But it will never replace being able to touch the materials, “said Mr. Penet. Today test, this 3D survey should be extended to all residential programs Altarea Cogedim “current 2017″ and becoming exists as a function of equipment and finishes (tiles, flooring, wallpaper, kitchens, etc.) offered.

not to be left behind, Bouygues Immobilier put the stake through its Bird funds in innovative start-ups such as Mycloud3D, a specialist in virtual tour.

Aware of the risks of ubérisation of their trade, real estate professionals appear willing to adapt to the advent of new digital tools and the inevitable transformation of their profession.


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