Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Law and new technologies: information learned from the summer – Next INpact

Whether you are coming holiday or simply want to have a little wakeup call, Next INpact offers this autumn week a summary of key information to remember the summer in terms of law and the policy.

from Parliament’s side

Deputies and senators have not been idle during the special session this summer, which ended on July 21 with the adoption final two major texts. Labour law and the law extending the state of emergency until January 26, 2017

Published August 9th in the Official Journal, El Khomri law includes a digital tier enough dense. Its key measure: the introduction of a “right to disconnect” for employees, which should be defined in each company through annual negotiations – from next year. There are also provisions for the dematerialization of payslips, social responsibility Uber-type platforms, the revival of telework, etc.

The last law on state of emergency is not limited not to extend by six months the duration of this exceptional situation – in which the computer searches are especially facilitated. The legislature has in fact benefited to harden the anti-terrorist arsenal and the resources allocated to information (see article).


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