Tuesday, October 1, 2013

VDSL2 and fiber 1 Gbps: Free and SFR responds to the ARCEP tackle - Generation NT


was the quickest to draw his announcement but SFR replied in the day that marks the deployment of VDSL2 on the whole territory. However, the response also comes on the front of the optical fiber.

neufbox-evolution key-3g For VDSL2, SFR indicates that new customers with eligible online will automatically qualify for this technology. For existing customers at Box SFR and always with an eligible line (Box compatible with latest generation NB6V), no additional costs to benefit from VDSL2 but it will upon request


the side of the optical fiber, SFR experimentation led to the 1 Gbps since June. It comes to an end. The time of the generalization has come for fiber customers who were already at 300 Mbps.

They will need to apply for eligibility and if an offer is no extra cost for up to 1 Gbps downstream and 200 Mbps upstream. For the vast majority of subscribers to 300 Mbps, they can go to access up to 1 Gbps.

Calm …
Still, regardless of operator, today’s announcements are focused marketing. This is indeed the case by case basis depending on a stand likely to grow over the coming months. Ads that will then generate some excitement but may fall as a bellows for subscribers.

Arcep ARCEP also recalls that beyond about 1 km, VDSL2 is equivalent to that of ADSL2 + performance. According to the French telecoms watchdog, “ about 16% of the lines will benefit from higher throughput when ISPs have equipped dispatchers .”

For flows in VDSL2, the ARCEP underlines that 100 Mbit announced by some operators – as we have strongly emphasized – theoretically “ achievable in the laboratory but not in the field .” For downflow, it will rely in practice on the order of 50 Mbps. For the better off, the authority still conjures up to 80 Mbps.

ARCEP has published a statement paticulièrement spice for Free. It must be said that the authority knows the ISP to have completed this was an administrative investigation into the interconnection problem between Free and YouTube. An investigation has cleared Free on the issue of clamping.

As for the promise of a dedicated flow rate of 1 Gbit / s fiber, ARCEP can only emphasize the partial nature of the information provided to users. Indeed, service offered to users depends not only on the design of the access network that communicates Free today, but also depends on the design of its entire infrastructure (collection, interconnection …). For example, as the revealed the administrative investigation by the Authority on the relationship between YouTube and Free, and except that Free has invested heavily in August and September 2013, in improving its interconnection capacity, announcements of this date does not match the experience of the users who will view online video

writes ARCEP.

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