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Back on the digital afterwork # 1 on new technologies … – The Journal of eco


Tuesday, May 31 was held the first digital afterwork organized by the Group Dentsu Aegis Network, the Groupe ESC Clermont and SquareLab incubator. The program for this evening, the impact of digital technology in business and communication. Through concrete cases around the smart city, connected objects, social platforms and media, professionals present in each roundtable explained how the technology had changed their way of thinking their organization or communication. They all share a vision of the future around the collective intelligence amplified by a service-based technology that distributes the cards of entrepreneurship.


Discover marketing exclusivity

This first afterwork allowed to share emerging issues related to digital, and understand future developments. Having demonstrated the impact in the economy of digital, Benoit Regent, General Director of the Department Prospective Dentsu Aegis Network, commented on what he called “marketing exclusivity”: the interest on the data and the end the mass media. It was also an opportunity to gather several large companies to share their experiences on the subject. Around the table: Laurent Windenberger of Babymoov Group, Laurent Coussonnet Director Innovation Sopra Steria, Laurent Souloumiac CEO Glowbl and Nicolas Corneau Group Chief Operating Centre France Mountain

. excerpts … on phygitale

Previously, we used to connect to the internet before returning to “real life.” Today we have entered a permanent state numeric – the digital part of real life. The two are interconnected in a new phygitale reality that is just beginning and that will intensify with the democratization of augmented reality.
We must distinguish the digital “Internet”. This is not a channel or a sum of technologies; it is a state of mind. It is the context in which companies must think the business today. Just like electricity revolutionized steam in the industrial revolutions of succession.

The rate of adoption of technology is exponential. It is a technological but also sociological phenomenon – one feeds the other. The behavior change through technology, but sociologists say that the technology is that the profound changes amplifier.

Change the way to do business

This digital mindset must change the way we communicate and do business for the brands:

  • We have to value the failures in business. It has become impossible to predict the future reliably. We must therefore constantly test tracks and promote the initiative, and not to sanction failures but value them. A logic that goes against conventional management laws.
  • We need to review conventional teaching marketing around the 4 P which are no longer adapted to the digital reality

Edit the definitions of marketing 4P

Place the store became on the era of omnicanalité

<. p> Price: value is more important than the price- but what consumers are willing to pay today

Promotion. finished the mass media era. The classic advertising must complete discussion more than promotional platforms for brands are what people say about them. Not even what they say to them

Product. We must speak of individual solution and not product specifications. In this regard, connected objects are a great opportunity

Next afterwork June 27

Please note, here and already, the next appointment on June 27 Groupe ESC Clermont for digital afterwork # 2. The program “the future of outlets” in partnership with Dentsu Aegis Network group and in the presence of Google and Clear Channel.


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