Tuesday, June 28, 2016

New technologies: the new ambitions of Intel – H24info Moroccan news portal

Intel has updated its roadmap to maintain its leadership in the new technologies sector.

The transformation of browsing habits, Intel understands them and she has now set new goals on 5 strategic pillars. Its development strategy is no longer just turned to improving the performance of computer objects but also the connectivity of these to the cloud.

Five key skills
The Cloud: new storage platform of information and data that represents the future of Intel, with strong growth potential this sector
Internet of Things (IoT). high value when these objects are connected to the cloud. Intel is the will to diversify the objects deals online by making them indispensable in everyday life. Thus the focus areas are: industry and retail. The objects on which the company will focus primarily be manufacturing a connected car able to act properly in the circumstances, mobile and PC. Intel will play on the differentiation of its products on the market.
Memory and programmable solutions that enhance the experience of cloud and increases its performance.
Moore law that allows rapid technological innovation and cost more or less fixed.
connectivity, the key to the realization of these projects, allows recovery of objects. The value of the technology lies in the opening that allows the world possible and not in the proposal of a powerful device.
The era is also the 5G and Intel wants to position itself as pioneer and market leader.



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