Friday, June 17, 2016

Leverage new technologies with agility –

Photo: Pierre Belhumeur, partner, Deloitte, Guy Rochette, senior director of business solutions, Revenu Québec, and Patrice Alain, Vice President, Revenue Quebec

Revenue Quebec , earning a OCTAS in the category Transformation of organizational processes, working with computer Easy & amp; Pyxis.

Revenue Quebec is undergoing rapid changes in an increasingly complex environment. The assets in heritage and traditional IT development does not allow him to take advantage of new technologies and offer customers quick response and maximum value.

In 2014, the Directorate General treatment and technology has decided to transform its ways.

Radiating throughout the organization, it introduced a cultural change. Innovatively, the organization began its transformation without having all the answers in advance, favoring an iterative implementation based on the just-enough, just-in-time and continuous improvement.

the transformation is based on four pillars: governance guide to value, develop technologies, review the ways, and grow talent. It creates more value, reduced total cost solutions increases the quality and frequency of deliveries, and improve staff skills.

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