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New technologies relookent for London … – Le Parisien

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the first smart holographic model of the world is revealed in an exhibition mounted for the London week dedicated to new technologies, which ends June 26

3D virtual model designed by Headworks has a regular body topped with a holographic head.

This is one of the inventions present at the event fashion Tech Installation and illustrates the growing rapprochement between fashion and my new technologies.

among the exposed elements, a 3D printed clothing designed by Modeclix a Bruise Suit ‘developed by London’s Royal College of Art. It detects injuries among disabled athletes who lost their sensations through a pressure sensitive recyclable film. It indicates the severity of the incident.

Also exposed, ‘InMoov Robot’ an interactive robot with a real cloth on which are projected images of fashion. A series of sports jackets equipped with sensors Infi-Tex can play music through a new type of patented smart textiles. Pressure sensitive, it allows buttons and sensors to be sewn to clothing. Video 360 ° behind the scenes of the fashion week in London by the Village agency is also to discover in the exhibition.

Its director is the London designer Brooke Roberts, a former radiologist whose clothes digitally made from medical scanners are also exhibited.

“the start-up fashion in 3D printing, through the use of social networks to improve the customer experience, the London fashion brands paved the way an embed new technologies in their message, “says Roberts. “This is the ongoing collaboration between English mode and London high-tech scene that made it possible crossover, paving the way for future partnerships larger and limited only by the boundaries of the imagination.”

London Technology Week is Europe’s largest event of its kind. It brings together major figures of new technologies and business by choosing London as a great hub. The event runs until June 26

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