Friday, June 10, 2016

Oninnov, 1st Salon of innovation and new technologies –

Pierre Censi, Pac communication; Jean-Philippe  Kéroslian, mayor; ric e Fournier, Chief of Staff,  on the project of Silicon Valley to Onet./Photo  DDM

                                 Pierre Censi, Pac communication; Jean-Philippe Kéroslian, mayor; é ric Fournier, Chief of Staff, on the project of Silicon Valley to Onet./Photo DDM


This is whispered in the corridors of the town hall, or elsewhere, now it is overt and public, the first Salon innovation and new technologies will be held in the ballroom of the Four Seasons, 25, 26 and 27 November. “An event that does not exist on the department and that will allow to present the expertise Aveyron. Aveyron, it is known to maintain traditions, but also go towards new technologies. It will be revealed and supported young talent for their digital creation, “wishes to emphasize the mayor.

The municipal majority is facing Pierre Censi, Pac communications director, who is assigned the task to organize this exhibition. “We will discover the richness and dynamism of our businesses. After the Toulouse metropolis and therefore Haute-Garonne, Aveyron is a hyperdynamic department. I am confident that this meeting between companies, people, visitors, will be born many projects, particularly in innovation for sustainable development, “said Pierre Censi. During these three days, up to technology for students, individuals, businesses, professionals, SMEs … We will innovate in Onet, in every sense of the term, with the show, which will be at the forefront of technology, around exhibitions, demonstrations, workshops and conferences. “It would be great that the individual appropriates technology, IT. Everyone can participate in these exchanges. One can discover and become familiar with the latest news, tablets, apps, “do we entrust the direction of the organization.

Currently, 50 companies are registered, 3000 5 000 visitors are expected. Silicon Valley is in Onet. On Saturday night, talent night, creating competition for young people

Enter. € 2, free for children under 20.



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