Monday, June 13, 2016

New technologies: never without my connected objects, the … – La Voix du Nord

The French do not log on holidays and leave with smartphone or tablet. Today, connected objects complement the range of holidaymaker. What objects can be useful?

Weather. To know the weather will be a small portable weather station can be practical. Developed by Rooti, ​​climate measures humidity, UV index and temperature around you, whether you’re inside or outside. With Bluetooth and its dedicated application, Climate transmits its measurements and even gives advice depending on the weather. It is a small plant that blooms so you are protected or fades if you are exposed. Price: 60 €

Photo To take pictures without leaving the lens or smartphone… Narrative Clip 2 is a miniature camera that snaps onto the neck of a garment. Every 30 seconds, it takes a photograph with its 5 megapixel sensor. It then creates a timelapse (so animated frame by frame) for subjective. Narrative can be used in a fixed plan. To view the shooting, he must go to the application installed on a smartphone that will act as a viewer and sorter. Price: € 173

Music Listen to music on the beach, this is possible thanks to the nomadic speakers… Do not choose too small enclosure, low autonomy. The EU Roll Logitech bluetooth speaker is a small saucer-shaped, sealed and reinforced. It produces a 360º who rule with big buttons. Autonomy is 9 am with its maximum. It is provided with an elastic cord for attaching to a bag. It works with an application to adjust the sound, schedule automatic alarm clocks or extinctions. It can also connect with another speaker to provide stereo sound. Price: € 130



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