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Logistics of the Future: New technologies in the service of … –

Logistics of the Future: New technologies at the service of the supply chain in Chalon 07/07

by Nicéphore Cité

 As part of its new economic development strategy, the Grand Chalon is striving to consolidate the strong sectors of the territory including the logistics-transportation sector.



 In its mission of promoting and animation of the sector, Le Grand Chalon in partnership with Nicéphore Cité organizes the first event dedicated to logistics Chalonnais, Thursday, July 7 from 8:45 to 16:00 Nicéphore City (Chalon-sur-Saône).

This day dedicated to the logistics of the future is for the Grand Chalon and businesses in the region Bourgogne Franche-Comté wishing to learn and discuss innovations and new tools sector.

This event brings together in one place experts and specialists in their fields: intelligent transportation, logistics interoperability of systems, computerized simulation of flow, multimodality, …

 The objectives

The day logistics of the future is to:

& gt; Tell territory of enterprises on new industry technologies to increase their competitiveness

& gt. Detect possible problems of enterprises to assist them later in search of individual or collective solutions

& gt. Federate companies in the sector in order to create a community around the logistics-transportation.

 The event format

The Grand Chalon and Nicéphore Cité welcome 70 participants, business leaders, responsible supply chain, … for a day in the form:

& gt; In a morning conference in the viewing room of Nicephore Cité lively plenary Benedict Cudel, consultant in Supply Chain

& gt. From a time of exchanges between the participants with the delivery of a lunch around a demonstration area with innovations IVECO companies SAVOYE SCALLOG

& gt. In interactive workshops in small groups in which experts can tailor the presentation of their solutions based on the needs and issues expressed by participants.

 Find the full program on this link: (free entrance // registration required).


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