Thursday, June 30, 2016

The great potential of new technologies – Le Nouvelliste

Handicapped by the strong franc, the Swiss mechanical and electrical engineering and metals (MEM) setting on the digitization. New technologies offer great potential to strengthen the Swiss production site.

The last 18 months have been difficult, the overvaluation of the franc has heavily hit the MEM industry, said yesterday in Zurich, Hans Hess, President of Swissmem in the preamble to the industry Day. In addition, the Brexit, did not remain without effect on the exchange rate between the franc and the euro.

So in the wake of the announcement of the referendum result on an output the United Kingdom of the European Union (EU), the franc has appreciated strongly in the short term. However, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) has managed to stabilize the situation.

remains to be seen now if the phenomenon is prolonged in duration or the rate of the euro recovered around 1.11 francs to the euro. In the end, every penny is decisive for sales and corporate liquidity. “Every penny helps them improve their competitiveness and earn enough money to invest,” said Hans Hess.

It shows however less concerned about the effects of Brexit on the economy. Naturally, the British decision could weigh on Swiss deliveries to the UK, but they represent only 5% of total exports from Switzerland.

After the abandonment, January 15 2015, the SNB’s floor rate binding franc and euro, the MEM industry lost almost 11,000 jobs. severely affecting the sector, the sharp appreciation of the Swiss currency has also resulted in structural changes.

Among the measures implemented are also projects said “Industry 4.0″ or application of digital technologies in industrial activity, with base the internet of Things. “Digitisation is an opportunity for Swiss industry,” said Hans Hess to the 1,600 participants in the Day of the industry, including the President of Schneider-Ammann Confederation.

Digital technologies provide a decisive contribution to the success of Swiss industrial site, despite the strength of the franc, as well as costs and high wages, continued Hans Hess. And Swiss industry is well positioned within the coming changes.

Over the course of recent restructuring, Swiss industry is already largely automated. More innovative than ever, it adopted a very efficient process, according to Hans Hess. In addition, in favor of an education system second to none, Switzerland boasts a highly skilled workforce. Assets, “we must use to seize opportunities that arise.”

The digitization has certainly upset the traditional activities of the industry, while laying the foundations for new opportunities. Contrary to popular opinion, “the robots will not replace humans,” says Hans Hess. TTY


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